Who is Yally?

A team of seasoned real estate professionals is committed to fulfilling Yally's mission: to bring more sustainable homes to the Belgian real estate market. Whether you sell to us or are looking for a rental property: we guide you every step of the way.


Meet the team!

A passionate entrepreneur with more than twenty years of experience in founding and leading real estate companies.

Loves setting up structures and brainstorming with others, across sectors. 

Her goal with Yally? Working even more innovative, efficient and sustainable on a comfortable rental market. Together with employees and partners.

Digital wizard with deep real estate knowledge and a passion for scalable operational automation.

All-round and hyper interested in technological progress.

Want to build an automated real estate rental company with Yally, with a fantastic customer experience for tenants.

Present dad and book devourer of all things non-fiction. Enjoy simplicity.

Pieter likes interaction. Passionate about technical management in the construction industry and experience on a national and international level in facility and project management. A straight forward jack-of-all-trades who thinks in terms of solutions, with a heart for sustainable business.
“Creating a comfortable home with Yally and making it more accessible for tenants is a fantastic motivation for Pieter.”

Sporty in beautiful nature, or dining with family and friends? Sign me up!

A customer-driven all-rounder with globetrotter experience. An analytical juggler, always looking for possibilities and solutions with a positive view of the future. Walking on the beach on a Sunday morning is back to the roots and working on the “healthy mind in a healthy body”. As icing on the cake, he is still quite handy with tools.

“You can’t change the past, but can start now to create a new ending!”

If  architect and proponent of innovation, Thomas wanted to contribute to the sustainable transition of the real estate sector. For him, Yally is an initiative where he can combine his interests in real estate, architecture and innovation to make a difference. 

"The measure of intelligence is the ability to change" is a quote from Einstein that appeals to Thomas.



Real Estate Consultant



Real Estate Consultant




TINC is a listed investment company that aims to create sustainable value by investing in the infrastructure for the world of tomorrow. TINC participates in companies that are active in realizing and operating infrastructure and maintains a diversified portfolio of participations in focus areas such as public infrastructure, energy infrastructure, digital infrastructure and selective real estate in Belgium, the Netherlands and Ireland ( www.tincinvest.com )


Gimv is a European investment company, listed on Euronext Brussels. As a recognized market leader, Gimv collaborates with enterprising and innovative companies in 5 future-oriented investment areas. Gimv manages a portfolio of approximately 60 companies with a combined turnover of EUR 3.1 billion and employing 19 000 professionals ( www.gimv.com )


Belfius Bank & Insurance is an integrated bank-insurer owned by the Belgian federal government, anchored in all segments of the Belgian economy and society: partner of 3.7 million individuals, the self-employed and SMEs, a major player in the corporate market and lead bank in the public and non-profit sector ( www.belfius.be )


Founded in 2007 as a joint venture of Belfius and Gimv - is a developer of and investor in a wide range of infrastructure and related assets such as selective real estate. TDP's investment policy is embedded in a number of far-reaching social developments. These include the ambition to realize better public infrastructure ('Building Back Better'), the transition to a low-carbon society, the digitization of society and the growing focus on care and welfare. These evolutions form the framework for TDP for investments in public infrastructure, energy infrastructure, digital infrastructure and selective real estate. ( www.tdppartners.com )