Asbestos information obligation officially in force, but are there enough experts?

Asbestos information obligation officially in force, but are there enough experts?

Asbestos-safe vs. Asbestos-free.

The asbestos certificate provides information about the presence of asbestos in a building. The aim is to limit the risk of people being exposed to harmful asbestos fibres. That can lead to mesothelioma or 'asbestos cancer'. lead.

The certificate describes exactly where the asbestos is located and whether it poses a health risk in the current situation. Based on such an inventory, a building is labeled 'asbestos-safe'. or not 'asbestos safe'.
If the asbestos present poses a health risk, the certificate provides advice on how to remove it safely.


Asbestos-safe Flanders

November 23, the obligation to surrender has taken effect. A seller of a house built before 2001 must be able to submit an asbestos certificate. Before that date, asbestos was processed in more than 3,500 materials, including corrugated sheets and chimney stacks. Also in some plastic floors or plaster insulation. About 70 à 90 percent of the buildings before 2001 would contain asbestos material.


Waiting times

For the preparation of a certificate you must engage a recognized expert. The real estate sector is sounding the alarm because of the high waiting times.
Fedabest, which unites asbestos experts, points out that despite the warnings, many sellers have waited too late to submit their applications.

Many people who put their house up for sale and request a certificate have to wait until after the New Year due to the waiting times and can therefore no longer sell their house this year. This was reported by the CIB Flanders.
Dewaele Vastgoedgroep also agrees. Even if sellers find a compromise with a buyer, it is worth nothing if it was drawn up after November 23 and did not contain an asbestos certificate.


Find an asbestos expert

On the Ovam website you can find a list of companies that employ at least one expert. It is advised to contact several companies to see who is  still has a free space in his agenda. Despite the long waiting times, 89 experts indicate that they are not over-requested.

The cost of a certificate can easily reach 600 à 700 euros. This price depends on the surface area and degree of renovation of the house. Another factor is how many lab analyzes of suspicious materials have to be done.
The price was originally quoted by OVAM at 'several hundred euros'. estimated. Ovam expects that market forces will drive prices down, as happened with the EPC certificate.

It is always recommended to request several quotes from different companies!

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