The do's & the don'ts: Furnishing your rental home.

The do's & the don'ts: Furnishing your rental home.

Make your house a home.

It is important to turn your house into a home and to make it cozy. Interior stores can be found all over the web and even in application form. Get a lot of inspiration and choose a style that suits you and the authenticity of your rental home.

This is where the general rule of ‘a good family man counts’ to be. This is a legal principle that assumes that you act responsibly and do whatever is necessary to prevent damage or more wear and tear as normal. Remember that you must be able to return your home as you received it.

The decor.

You can paint your walls but you can be expected to put them back in the original color paints. You can drive nails into the wall to hang a painting or photo.
Drilling is allowed, but be careful when drilling. First ask what type of wall it is and start drilling with a smaller hole. Also watch out for pipes!
What is important is that you close the holes again when you leave the house.


Small versus Major maintenance.

As a tenant you are responsible for minor maintenance and this includes replacing a lamp, a leaking tap repair or simply replace the battery of a fire alarm.
Contact the owner of your home temporarily if there are bigger problems.

If you want to carry out larger works, such as dividing a room in two, you always have the permission required from the owner. You then have to make clear agreements and you can always inquire about a possible renovation premium.

Good luck furnishing your new home!

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